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We invite institutions and organizations that want to work for the development of music and art. As an organization, we develop, implement and account for projects in the field of culture and education. A team of professionals that we are, we have several years of experience in the implementation of grant programs. We have full technical and human resources to carry out projects in the field of music.
Do you have an idea that you want to implement? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Support Music!

One of the several possibilities of obtaining funds for the implementation of the statutory goals by the Association is the possibility of receiving support in the form of donations. It can be obtained both from a natural person and a legal person. We would like to thank all donors for their contribution. According to the assumptions of the Polish Jazz Association Wroclaw, all donations are for statutory purposes. Would you like to find out what specific activities of the Association are intended for your donation? Write to us!

Additional information

People who want to support the association in its activities can benefit from a tax deduction:

  • if you are a natural person (UoPDOF: Art. 26 (1) point 9),
  • if you are a legal person (UoPDOP: Art. 18 (1) point 1).

All donations are tax deductible:

  • for natural persons a limit of up to 6% on the income,
  • for legal persons a limit of up to 10% on the income.

Note! The basis for the settlement is a bank receipt of the donation payment to the account.

Help us help
Support the statutory activities of the Polish Jazz Association Wroclaw by making a donation to our bank account:
14 1140 2004 0000 3102 7682 7198
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