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Bass&Beat Festival 2021

Bass & Beat Festival 2021

The 5th edition of Bass&Beat Festival has come to an end.

On October 15-17, 2021, Bass & Beat Festival was held in Wroclaw for the 5th time. The symbol of this year’s edition was water understood as the foundation of life, a symbol of rebirth and energy, identified with Arché – the idea of infinity and beauty proclaimed by Thales of Miletus. This year, the festival spread over Wroclaw, and the music filled the spaces both in the centre and on the outskirts of the city. Artists from Poland, Norway and the United States performed on 5 festival stages. During the 3 days, the festival audience had the opportunity to take part in 8 concerts, which, as every year, were accompanied by visualisations.

On October 15, at 7 pm in the Local Activity Center in Ołtaszyn, one could listen to the double bass in two completely different scenes. The first part of the concert was played by Maciej Kitajewski Trio – the winner of this year’s edition of the “Jazz Phonographic Debut” competition awarded by the Institute of Music and Dance. After the break, Mike Parker from Chicago performed with the project Mike Parker’s Trio Theory.

On Saturday at 5 pm Brasil Slums played at the Maślice Local Activity Centre. Taking sounds from many non-obvious sources, Brasil Slums create their original atmosphere, in which jazz combines with the world of progressive rock, as well as early and classical music. This connection – which, thanks to the performance of Brasil Slums seems completely natural – was created mainly thanks to a guitarist and composer Szymon Witczyński, who together with a drummer Adam Wajdzik (known from, among others, Marcin Pater Trio, MÓW, Follow Dices) brought the band to life in 2019

At 9 pm in Hydropolis, the LNSD Quartet performed for the premiere of the material from the album “Unasked, Unanswered”, which is a combination of modern jazz and electronics. The band consists of Szymon Łukowski – saxophones, bass clarinet, flute, electronics; Gabriel Niedziela – guitars; Jan Smoczyński – hammond, rhodes, synthesizers, electronics, Paweł Dobrowolski – drums.

The second part of the evening featured Bjørn Charles Dreyer, Norwegian guitarist dealing with electronic and ambient music, working with Lars Kristian Lia focusing on sound processing. Norwegian musicians played together with Polish ones as part of the Bass & Beat Festival Experiment Zone. Visualizations: Daniel Kusak.

The festival’s Sunday, October 17 – two concerts and three bands

A jazz band led by a charismatic saxophonist, Karolina Pernal Quartet, played in Na Przedmieściu Centre at 6 pm. Karolina Pernal is the laureate of this year’s edition of the Ladies’ Jazz Festival. The sound of her strong tenor saxophone intertwined with keyboards, followed by Filip Miguła. The rhythm section was co-created by Przemysław Jarosz on drums and Bartłomiej Chojnacki on double bass. During the concert, a composition highlighting the saxophone-bass duo was played. There were also other energetic original songs and time to reflect on the more subtle melodies.

Visualisations: WRUNIA.

The festival ended with a concert at Łącznik Club (Czasoprzestrzeń) where Wasabi Surfers and Adam Golicki Trio played.

Wasabi Surfers, a quartet to distracts you from the monotony of pandemic reality, will take listeners on a journey through places that everyone would like to visit. The ensemble is an unprecedented combination of Mediterranean sun, Scandinavian nostalgia, African-American ritual dances and unspoiled love for native folk landscapes. All of this is blended and served to the audience in the form of a jazz cocktail.

The festival ended with Adam Golicki Trio, a new trio formed by a drummer Adam Golicki with Piotr Lemańczyk on double bass and bass guitar and Marcin Wądołowski on guitar, who will present material from the album “Reflections”, composed especially for musicians with whom the drummer has been cooperating for many years. The written songs are very romantic, nostalgic, and sometimes more dynamic, so as to both show the beauty of simple melodies and the skills of the whole Trio.

The organizers are the Polish Jazz Association Wroclaw and the ArtAnima Agency.

The project is co-financed from the Budget of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship and funds provided by the municipality of Wroclaw,

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