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Artistic program

Educational program

The Polish Jazz Association Wroclaw creates and implements educational programs in the field of jazz music for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The partner of the educational programs is the Karol Lipinski Music Academy in Wroclaw.

Music business workshops

Workshops for creators, musicians and music managers.

The lecturers during the workshops are Polish and foreign experts from the music and creative industries – managers, producers, social media and PR specialists. They teach brand building, marketing strategies, new media, digital promotion tools and many more. The partners of the Music Business series were, among others Kayax, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Music Export Poland Foundation.

Summer Jazz Workshops

The aim is to stimulate creativity and develop talent. The participants of the workshops are children, teenagers, adults who are amateurs or semi-professionals engaged in music. Classes are conducted by professionals, the staff of the workshops are musicians and educators. The classes are focused on creating music and playing together. They include learning to play, singing and working on sound, rhythm, articulation, feeling as well as the basics of improvisation and working together on the repertoire. The workshops are accompanied by jam sessions, with the participants and lecturers jamming together, and concerts of invited bands.

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